Misty Valley Town: Light Against the Odds

How can the light stand against the odds?

Hope to break the tide of surging darkness,

that crashes to consume all that is hope

and leave us as empty shells of despair for

a creature of the darkness, of a greater evil.

A monster called Vile that comes

through the lurking It, ready to

devour all for his purpose.

How can the light stand against such odds?

Misty Valley Town: It

It crept from the mountains
bubbling down like a fountain
it floated across the mighty river
bringing leaf and pine to a shiver.

It lazed through the rocky creek bed
bringing the flowers to close their heads
taking their beauty from the world
it’s fingers whirled by.

It lurked across the ranchers field
the munching cows stood to yield
all predator and prey
gave up their game to pray.

It arched like a cloak around the town
swirling in a thick cloud to drown
the very blessing of the moon
settling to menace and not to swoon.

It shifted through the roads
the people stopped to bow
as it ended the journey at a well
and somewhere a bell

Rang for a hero to rise.

Fear Knocked

Fear came and

knocked at my door,

he was bold in the dim light;

I was not, my limbs he gnawed

an’ turned them lame, thus

was the way of his grasp.

All I could do was gasp

an’ rasp as I bust,

faith was not there

to answer him,

fear had no concern for care

I was his now,

lost to the abyss.

Forsaken Still Sea

Oh Lord, I cry out

this sea is my valley

where I enter into a bout

with the shadow of death

but my courage sits in the alley

as I grip these iron walls

having lost my balls.

I fear this evil

for on the still sea

I do not feel the glee

of you in my heart so

oh Lord, I cry out,

if you have forsaken us

I beg you end it quickly.

The Way into Darkness

And it is time to descend,
down into that darkness
to do what we were paid in gold,
to pay what was due;
our courage. So forward
I reached and fear I lay
to rest, it was time
to show the boys my best
an’ lead them into
darkness. With rope in hand
and shiny toys a gleam,
down into the abyss we sunk
the rope a beam of light,
the only sense of direction,
it was our only way to return
on the way into darkness.

Iron Tomb

Alone he drifts
locked inside an iron tomb,
he waits bereft; but not
with the knowledge
of how he will die,
ripped limb by limb by a demon.
That is no lie, he saw it with
his own eye, the death
of his beloved Beth–
showed the hell
that would come knocking,
no matter how hard he yelled
no help could come to
save him from this monster,
as he drifts alone
locked inside an iron tomb.

Only For Us to Adore

Looking through the rain

are colors spread far and not in pain,

reaching wide through the sky

brushing over trees of green

where you use to climb, but had to say bye

to the blue, now locked by a key

banned from a world that is truly wonderful

stuck to a land of grey,

where you give the thrills

and have none of your own,

no longer to soar, only for us

to adore.

Bright Into Memory

I remember,
the sketched ink
how it shined in the light
from the sun which danced
out behind curtains to grace you.
I remember,
the lines I traced in tender and
how the empty places in my thought
became a shadow as the art
of this beauty forged a moment
bright into memory which will,
never be forgot.